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DFDG logoDamian Farrell Design Group is a small, dynamic architecture firm based in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Our mission is to bring about change through inspired and thoughtful design.

We create and improve the spaces that people live, think, interact, and relax in.

Our range of expertise is expansive. We specialize in new homes, home remodels, retail spaces, mixed-use developments, and office spaces, among others.

Our portfolio ranges from traditional and rustic to sleek and contemporary.

We love new ideas, and we welcome a challenge!

We are based in Southeast Michigan, and the majority of our projects are here (Ann Arbor area, Detroit and the Detroit suburbs), although we have worked on projects across the United States and as far away as South Africa.

We want to hear what you have in mind for your project.


Damian on Design

Guests Dilip Nigam and Terry Phillips of ArborWind on Damian on Design

Our guests Dilip Nigam and Terry Phillips of ArborWind — and Ann Arbor-based wind turbine company — are pretty excited. Their product is amazingly simple, sculptural, Audubon-endorsed, durable, and generates electricity cheaply and without the harmful byproducts that accompany fossil fuels and nuclear power.

Guest Susan McLeary, Owner of Passionflower, on Damian on Design

Join architect Damian Farrell and radio show host Lucy Ann Lance as they sit down with floral designer Susan McLeary! Susan owns Passionflower — her Ann Arbor studio where she makes fantastic floral creations, including LIVE jewelry. Susan has recently branched out into teaching other how to make live jewelry, and took part in Detroit’s recent Flower House project (http://www.theflower.house/).

Guest Blair Kamin on George Lucas's Museum Proposed Museum of Narrative Art

Masterpiece, or pile of salt? Lakefront, or somewhere else? A lot has been said and written about the proposed Lucas Museum of Narrative Art. Our guest Blair Kamin discusses the museum, its current design, and planned location with Damian Farrell and Lucy Ann Lance.

Discussing Multigenerational Living on Damian on Design

Architect Damian Farrell and radio show host Lucy Ann Lance discuss the growing “multigenerational” living trend. Multigenerational living is defined as two or more adult generations living together on the same property. This concept is certainly nothing new, and was the way nearly everyone lived until after WWII. For many, the benefits outweigh the drawbacks, and home builders have been slow to accommodate this growing trend.



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